Resources for Vegans & Vegetarians in South Korea

VegetablesAlthough I am a dedicated meat eater I have a lot of friends who are vegans or vegetarians. It can be quite a challenge for them to find good places to eat out here, especially when the concept of ‘no animal products’ can be interpreted in strange ways by restaurant staff! Although there are lots of web references to veggie friendly places out there, many lead to blog entries which are a few years old or have dead links. Hopefully this article can serve as an up to date resource, with updates and contributions from both the foreign and Korean community. …(Click to Continue)

photo by: Martin Cathrae

Gabby Giggle

Gabby Giggle

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Heading Home? Handy Checklist to Help You Get Sorted

Running AwayThere are only two ways to leave South Korea: suddenly or with a couple of months notice. Unless your departure involves a ‘midnight run’ or a police escort you should have plenty of time to get your finances, documents and possessions organised. This handy checklist will leave you lots of time cram in sightsee-ing trips, farewell parties and do all those ‘for the last time’ things. …(Click to Continue)

photo by: Sam Howzit

Gabby Giggle

Gabby Giggle

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Incorporating Smart Phones into Your University Lesson Plans

iPhoneIn 21st century South Korea it seems like pretty much everyone under 65 seems to be both emotionally & surgically attached to their cell phone! Bus, train, wedding, restaurants – no venue or occasion seems to be off limits when it comes to texts, calls, gaming or net on the small screen. Most days I see car drivers dodging people who are ambling across the street, lost in their smart phone and oblivious to the risks. (Especially silly considering some of those truck and car drivers are navigating these human hazards while distracted by their own mobiles!) …(Click to Continue)


Gabby Giggle

Gabby Giggle

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Celebrating Local Expats: Meet Dina Porell

Dina PorellAlthough English teachers from one of the ‘big seven’ countries may be the most visible of the foreign population in South Korea they are not the only expats on the peninsula. Along with economic migrants (aka 3D workers), and, (depending on where you live), engineers & other professionals here on secondment, there is a third group which defies easy categorisation: let’s call them ‘random expats’. …(Click to Continue)

Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff in Universities

Baby ProfessorOpinion: why I welcome the radical changes to the university hiring systems in Korea

If you have any interest in, or connection to the world of EFL university teaching you’ve probably heard and read a lot of gossip, rumor and conjecture focused around upcoming changes to Korean university hiring practices. …(Click to Continue)

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Gabby Giggle

Gabby Giggle

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